I am adding a question mark after, “You can get fit in four minutes” because I am fairly certain my high school gym teacher told me that you don’t really begin losing weight until your heart rate increases, which takes around 20 minutes. It’s weird that this is the one thing I’ve managed to remember from high school, whereas if you asked me about calculus I would say, “I believe it involved numbers and letters, some of them at the same time.”

But! Apparently that may have been lies, and high school taught me nothing. There’s a new workout called Tabata that seems like it would be very appealing to anyone pressed for time.

According to the Daily Mail, two different groups tried out different training methods and:

The first pedalled an exercise bike as fast as possible for four minutes a day – made up of eight 20-second bursts, with a break of ten seconds between each burst.

The second group pedalled at normal speed for an hour. After doing this five times a week for several weeks, the Tabata training group had improved their fitness way beyond the others.

The conclusion? Just four minutes of daily Tabata-style exercise could be better for you than 60 minutes in the gym.

The reporter testing it out claimed:

The ten-second rest breaks weren’t enough to catch my breath, but at least I only had three more rounds to go. By the time the four minutes were up I felt sick, dizzy and couldn’t speak. Ben was delighted. That’s exactly how you should feel after Tabata, he enthused.

Wow! That sounds awful! But at least it’s small portions. If you’re in the UK you can check it out at no1studiotraining.co.uk.

Picture via Wikipedia