A beautiful French friend told me that she’d read a study about the beauty buying habits of American women versus French women; she said that while American women spend the majority of their money on cosmetics, French women are suckers for skincare. I’m not sure of the exact study she cited (and 68% of all statistics are made up on the spot) but it seems to me the most crucial beauty investment a women can make is in the wellbeing of her skin. As fashion and beauty writers, we at TheGloss get to test and try a spectacular array of products, but these are the ones currently taking up our shelves. All the products herein are ones we use ourselves (and love). And though some may balk at the mention of high-end indulgences from La Prairie and SK-II, we also rely on a small army of super affordable drugstore buys from Complex 15, Purpose and Cetaphil.

After you check out our recommendations, let us know what you use to maintain clean, fresh, glowing skin when the weather gets hot.