Remember how utterly gorgeous Heidi Klum looked at last year’s Academy Awards? That killer red dress, the perfectly coiffed hairdo, the amazingly perfect makeup. She was stunning.

Well, it’s no surprise Ms. Klum is ready to wow us again and this year her Oscar makeup look can be yours courtesy of Heidi’s awards season makeup kit. Inside the kit, you’ll find everything you need to duplicate Heidi’s subtly smokey look, as defined by Victoria’s Secret makeup artist Linda Hay.

The kit contains eyes shades, cheek color, mascara, lip gloss and more, all in a very chic little pouch which can be toted anywhere you’d need to get yourself all Heidi-esque.

What’s more, if you head to any Victoria’s Secret makeup counter and tell them Heidi sent you, you can receive $10 off this totally awesome kit. What a deal!

Looking like Heidi Klum on a budget? Who’d have thought? Sounds pretty exciting to me! (Can’t wait to see her at the Oscars too!!)


Images courtesy of Victoria’s Secret