The news is out.  Allergan has released their new eye lash grower Latisse.” So, if you’ve been waiting for a miracle your waiting is over.

As a celebrity make-up artist I was known as the “Queen of False Eye Lashes.” I was working with Bobbi Brown and would get requested to put on the eye lashes for the models all of the time.  Unfortunately, the glue used to put them on eventually leaves your lashes looking sparse.

Several companies released eye lash growers, Jan Marini, Revitalash, Lilash, just to name a few.  Tried them all and saw a little growth.  Then news came out that Allergan was in the process of clinical trials…which meant they were in the works of releasing the ultimate eye lash grower yet.  The key ingredient that Latissecontains is lumigan which was originally used to help glaucoma patients.  These patients were finding that their eyelashes were growing at such length they had to cut them.  WOW!

I’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks.  Latisse is only available with a prescription.  This is to ensure proper application and growth.  If you are interested in getting a prescription call Dr. Celia Brown at: 818-222-8232

One week after Latisse is applied:

16 weeks after Latisse is applied:

I’m so excited to get my lashes to this length!



image credit:  Latisse