grey hair

Honestly, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to get rid of grey hair, because I spend a huge portion of my time thinking about dying beautifully silver. Like Brian William’s! Or, really, more like Kelly Osbourne or Lady Gaga than Brian Williams, and more like Miranda Priestly than anyone, but my point is everyone looks good with silver hair, pretty much.

I guess not everyone feels that way. There’s now a pill to eliminate grey hair. The press release declares that the pill can cure grey hairs permanently:

Elizabeth Skelly is a fan of “Go Away Gray.” She’s been taking 2 pills a day for about six weeks and now her gray hair is gone! “I’d go to the mirror, I’d look, and I’d say, “Wow the grays are NOT coming in. Color is coming back,” said Elizabeth. “Seeing is believing. When people see me they say, ‘you’re 53?'”

I’m really surprised that people lead with that when they meet her and are striking up a casual conversation.

However there’s probably a market for it. According to a writer at The Stir:

I really do NOT look forward to the day when I find a gray strand, and am sure it will be plucked out of my scalp or dyed blond tout de suite. Which leads us to “Go Away Gray’s” next point: “Women and men routinely spend a fortune on coloring those grays, but now, there’s a pill you can take to get rid of gray hair … permanently.”

Well, I guess if you hate looking wise and sage and interesting, that’s great! The Go Away Grey pill will be available for $29.99, which makes it cheaper than dying your hair. I still don’t think Miranda Priestly would be impressed, though.

Picture via The Devil Wears Prada