Have you ever noticed how so many of us wish we had hair that was the exact opposite of what we were born with? Curly wants to be straight, and straight hair want to be curly. A flat iron is great but use it everyday and eventually your hair pays the price. The good news is that if you do desire straight, and I mean pin-straight hair, there is a technique that tops anything you have ever tried.

According to our pal CJ Cassaday at Gavert/Atelier Salon in Beverly Hills, Japanese hair stylist Kazumi Morton can give you that sleek straight look you’ve been wishing for. Go in with curly locks and leave with shiny, straight, hair. It’s that simple. The process is called “The Japanese Milbon Straight Reconditioning Retexturizer by Liscio.” Wow, a mouthful, but the results are amazing!

Kazumi who is an International Educator for this procedure, and an expert colorist says it’s less harsh than the older straightening techniques and leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny with natural body. This type of straightening process will last anywhere between 6 to 9 months and can be done on color treated hair.  Kazumi recommends that you touch up the new growth with a home maintenance program using Nigelle ER Shampoo & ER Hair Treatment. Together they lock in moisture and enhance the softness and shine.


Oh my gosh! Her hair actually looks thicker and has unbelievable shine. I have a lot of friends who have done other types of straightening techniques, but this sounds like something worth trying.  If you live in or near Los Angeles and would like more information you can call Gavert/Atelier Salon, or you can make an appointment with Kazumi and be sporting straight, sleek, hair in no time.


image credit:  nelson & j salon