Every year right before bathing suit season approaches, I say I am going to start walking more, take some extra yoga classes, and do those dreaded sit ups that will give me a nice tight stomach. Well for me, living in a warmer climate, summer is even closer. Yikes!! Well, this year I am keeping my promise, and in addition to doing all of the above, I am also using the Hippie Rehab Lypo- Pallooza Cellulite Kit for even quicker results.

Created by a woman and with women in mind, Hippie Rehab, I just love the name..softens those unwanted dimples with all natural organic ingredients, and not only comes with a Cellulite Fighting Cream, but also includes Cellulite Fighting Capsules. Stacey Sparks, the creator, and amazing woman behind this fabulous kit actually worked on the line of General Motors for 10 years until she headed off for aesthetics school. Like so many of us, Stacey was tired of taking weight off, and putting it right back on. After gaining 20 pounds and trying every popular diet and cellulite treatments around, she decided to create her own products and Hippie Rehab is the result of her determination to develop a product that worked.

Hippie Rehab Lypo-Pallooza

Hippie Rehab Lypo-Pallooza

Lypo-Pallooza Cellulite Treatment Kit is the only two step cellulite treatment that works from the inside out and outside in.  The all natural, organic herbs & extracts flush excess fluids and toxins from the body, while strengthening and toning the skin.  To begin the regime it is suggested that you take 2 of the cleansing capsules twice a day to Rock Your Body from the inside.

For those who are slender and are just wanting to diminish cellulite you can use the cream by itself, or try 2 capsules instead of 4 per day. After regular use, usually 3 to 5 weeks you will begin to see a beautiful difference. For even quicker results the cream should be used up to three times a day, and preferably onto warm skin right out of the shower.  Most of us aren’t taking three showers a day so don’t get caught up in that, and just make sure to use it hot or cold:-)

Right now, Stacey and Hippie Rehab are offering a very generous savings of $20.oo when you purchase the kit online. To get this amazing savings and start “rocking your body”, simply enter the code word: PROMO and it will be applied to the total.

I am happy to report I am on week number 2 and am using everyday, 3 times a day. Just about to go in and do my second application. See you on the beach:-)


*Don’t forget to check out Stacey’s before and after pictures on her site. They are pretty unbelievable!

image credit: Hippie Rehab Lypo-Pallooza