Getting ghosted isn’t considered a positive experience. In dating terms, it basically involves someone completely ignoring you and never contacting you again. It’s not something that anyone would ever go through willingly. However, getting a ghosted hair color is an entirely different thing, and it’s much more positive. In fact, the soft hair color is actually trending.

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Allure and The Sun reported that the hair color was first seen on the Instagram feed of Jason Hogan, a hair colorist at the Josh Wood Atelier. The look involves pale silver and white tones to create a ghostly effect. If you like white blonde and gray hair, this is the style for you.

Once I knew there was a love divine. Then came a time I thought it knew me not. Who can forgive forgiveness when forgiveness is not? Only the land as white as snow ❄️❄️❄️ I used @matrix LightMasters lightener with 20 vol & @brazilianbondbuilder, using the Platinum Card Method, leaving the regrowth for last. NO HEAT! You have to be beyond careful not to overlap and comprise the hair. Patience is key 🗝 Then I toned with @guytang_mydentity Pearl Toner 2:1 with 5vol for ten minutes on the new growth , rinsed and applied @pulpriothair Barcelona shampoo for eight minutes globally. The results are a gorgeous snow white. She is a winter queen ❄️👑 #ghostedhair . . . . . . . #hairbybiancarose 🦄✨ –@hairbybiancarose

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Hogan explained to Allure that the look was actually developed to give those with straight platinum blonde hair some more texture in their looks.

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If you search under the #ghostedhair hashtag, you will also come across photos from the feed of Missouri-based hairstylist Sarai Speer. She was inspired to create her own “ghosted” effect using Kenra Professional‘s new Frost collection. The colors give hair a trendy holographic metallic finish.

g h o s t l y 👻 look by Erin.

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As to what makes the hair “ghosted” as opposed to “ghostly” remains to be seem. We’re not bothered by the semantics, as the result is still an icy cool hair color that has made getting “ghosted” something positive.