Giamba Eyes MFW Fall 2015

(Via Instagram/Baltasar_Gonzalez_Pinel)

Forget eyeliner flicks and simply flipping your eyeliner upside down. If you want to do something really different with your liquid liner, you have to think beyond just applying it to your lid. If you need some inspiration, then you can try the fancy eye “tattoos” that decorated models’ eyes (and faces) at the Giambi Fall 2015 show during Milan Fashion Week.

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The whimsical look was created by makeup artist Val Garland, according to Glamour UK. (She also came up with the pretty bottom-lashes-only mascara look.) Each model had different liner designs. Some of the decorations included hearts, moons, erm, a bloody dagger, and the fancy stars pictured above that were created by makeup artist Baltasar González Pinel. The innovative beauty look is the edgier version of those jeweled stickers everyone was obsessed with in the late 1990s. 
Giamba Eyes MFW Fall 2015 1

(Via Instagram/La__Mooni)

Obviously some of the looks require a very steady hand to recreate them. If you have trouble getting your cat eye to look reasonably straight, this look is going to require a lot of practice. Even lining your lower lash line with liquid liner takes considerable skill. However, a simple heart or tiny star would be fairly simple to do. Or you can always come up with your own design that accommodates shaky hands. Start experimenting with different looks and you’ll be ready when summer musical festival season finally comes around.