It’s time for round three of Gillette Venus’s “Embrace DIY Contest.” This challenge is particularly exciting, Gillette is inspiring you to bling out your Venus Embrace razor!

Check out the challenge video:

[youtube_iframe id=”gg9zxUBJLpQ”]

Bethany Mota and Jasmine V are too cute! Until seeing this video, I didn’t even realize razors could be more exciting.

Here’s what you’re going to do:

1) Bedazzle your razor. Snazz it up.

2) Take close-up pictures of it to upload to the Gillette Venus Embrace DIY Contest page.

3) You have one week to vote for your favorites and to campaign for votes. Send this link to everyone you know.

4) Look out for challenge #4.

5) Get excited about prizes! Gillette Venus is offering prize packs to 5 winners and a trip to LA to film a DIY video with Bethany to the grand prize winner. The prizes are amazing, but having the most original razor ever is also a total win.

6) Go have more fun getting smooth now!

This post is sponsored by Gillette Venus.