Gina Rodriguez fake eyelash Golden Globes 2015 2

So far, the 2015 Golden Globe Awards have been full of stunning dresses, powerful political statements, and people freaking out about a certain amazing woman’s not-as-amazing gloves. Oh, and lots of fashion mishaps, of course, which are typically caused by an overzealous stylist, a publicist hoping to generate buzz, or just general poor taste. However, one little incident that happened to Jane The Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez was not caused by any sort of obliviousness or a bad choice; in fact, her makeup accident, a false eyelash coming unglued, happened because of her beautiful acceptance speech.

After winning the award for Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical for her role in The CW’s hit show as Jane Villanueva, beating out the likes of Lena DunhanEdie FalcoTaylor Schilling, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gina delivered an absolutely excellent speech you can watch right here. In it, she thanked her relatives and supporters in the entertainment industry, but also acknowledged how important this win is for the Latina community.

“This award is so much more than myself. It represents a culture that wants to see themselves as heroes.”

Sadly, Latino actors and actresses are rarely cast in complex, multifaceted characters with depth, dimension, and aspirations that don’t fulfill dated, offensive stereotypes. Thank goodness that Gina was given this role, as she has performed it incredibly, and she deserves every bit of the recognition she’s getting.

And something totally adorable happened as she made her speech: she began crying, and off-stage, she wept for joy so hard that her fake eyelash fell off.

Now, we all know false eyelashes can be a total pain, so they are undoubtedly ridiculous to have to worry about throughout an awards show. So it makes sense that something like this would happen once in a while!

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Amazingly, the rest of her makeup stayed on:

Gina Rodriguez fake eyelash Golden Globes 2015

So, congrats to Gina for not only making history with this win, but also making history as the only person to ever pull off a pulled-off lash before. Attagirl.

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