anjelica huston young

New York Magazine has an entire slideshow of women other women find beautiful if you need help selecting one. But you shouldn’t.

Because your answer should always be Anjelica Huston, because, oh my goodness. Look at her? Look at the cheekbones. Don’t you just want to hang out with her and Jack Nicholson in 1970 and just… I don’t know. Do Witches of Eastwick stuff (that seems appropriate since Nicholson was in The Witches of Eastwick and Anjelica Huston was in The Witches and I am allowed to have any friendship fantasies I want).

Also, once, Anjelica Huston found a pigeon being attacked by seagulls and took it home, and nursed it to health in a box. She called it “Walter Rebecca” because she did not know its gender. This is a real thing that actually happened.

Anyhow. Yes. Appropriate answers are also “Florence Welch” and “Tilda Swinton.” Obviously. Okay, your turn, who is a woman who you are kind of in love with?

Pic via Magpiemania