Some supermodels transition into fashion design. Some become photographers. And some become Captain Planet.

At least, Gisele Bundchen does. Well, in comic form, anyway. A new cartoon web series for AOL kids entitled “Gisele and The Green Team” features her saving the world from environmental disasters. The environmental focus was Gisele’s own idea, and she tells The Times that it’s a cause very close to her heart, stating:

I’ve been donating proceeds from my flip-flop collections for the last five years to different environmental causes. I have my own environmental cause that I sponsor, called Agua Limpa, in the south of Brazil, in the region where I grew up. But besides all that, I took a trip to the Amazon in 2004 and was in an Indian tribe for a week, and experienced how those people are with nature, how respectful they are of it and how they can live in harmony with it. At the same time it was heartbreaking to see they were having so many issues – their kids were getting sick because the water had a lot of pesticides, they were deforesting. I was like: “Oh my God. What am I going to do?” I felt so small. I have to help these people.

Hopefully the cartoon will bring some much needed attention to world issues, and remind everyone that they can help – even if they’re not a supermodelhero.