For Vogue Italia‘s June 2013 Health & Beauty issue, Gisele Bundchen and Steven Meisel teamed up to create a gorgeous cover — but that’s not actually the story here. In fact, it is actually the shoot’s behind-the-scenes video that’s making folks wonder whether or not the pair is poking fun at other celebrities.

The video is comprised of several “steps” that it supposedly takes for covergirl, famous-people beauty to exist. For example, Bundchen is shown going tanning, getting hand massages/manicures, having a facial done, swirling her hair back and forth several times on both sides of the frame…you know, the usual stuff. But she’s also doing a couple rituals that have recently come into focus due to recent celebrity use.

In one part, Bundchen is shown naked and in the middle of a cupping procedure, a la Jennifer Aniston; lots of people have cupping done, though, so I am high skeptical that this was a dig at Aniston at all. Then, considerably more specific to one celebrity, a blood facial is shown — just like the one Kim Kardashian made everybody cringe at on her show a few months back.

See for yourself and let us know what you think: is this meant to poke at Kardashian’s krazy facial or just Hollywood standards in general (or both, or neither, or E.) All of the above even though that’s not possible)?