There’s nothing wrong with being a little vain…

Vanity Girl

I for one love to look in the mirror. Truth be told, I went through a major awkward stage, and just the last few years started to feel better about the way I look.

But, of course, it’s most fun to do in style, and a Hollywood style “Starlet” Mirror is a great way to feel good as you notice yourself get hotter and hotter. Are you in the midst of a hot makeover? Post-breakup?

Believe it or not, the right mirror is a great way to keep any of your “get hotter” New Year’s Resolutions (i.e. lose weight, new haircut, new wardrobe ).

I love Vanity Girl Hollywood mirrors so much: They have six professional quality dimmable bulbs create the perfect lighting for flawless make-up application, and power plugs enable you to easily style your hair using your blow dryer and heat-styling tools. How much easier will it to be hot with this fancy help by your side?!

I have one to give away – a nearly $300 value! – to have your chance to win, tell me what your favorite feature is, that you love to check out in the mirror. In order to win this contest, you must also post comments on any two other recent entries. Deadline to enter is March 15. Good luck! (Winner must be from US or Canada for shipping reasons. Thanks!)