Glamglow‘s GravityMud is one of those skincare products that’s difficult to improve. It has gained a popular following because the multitasking formula does everything it promises. Not only that, it comes in a gorgeous package and the actual mask is an Instagram-worthy shade of silver. That being said, Glamglow has managed to take the GravityMud to the next level with its upcoming Power Rangers collaboration.

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To coincide with the launch of the new Power Rangers Movie, Glamglow revealed on Instagram that it is collaborating with Power Rangers on two different GravityMud masks. Instead of having the masks draw inspiration from our favorite Power Rangers, the masks are actually inspired by the villains from the Power Rangers Movie, Rita Repulsa and Goldar.

To pay tribute to the characters, there are two new colors of GravityMud. Of course there is a gold version of the mask for Goldar. For Rita Repulsa, there is a deep forest green.

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Fans of the original silver GravityMud will be pleased to know that the masks may be different colors, but the formula remains the same.

Glamglow recently collaborated with Sonic the Hedgehog to produce a gorgeous blue mask. Given how popular that one was, you can expect the Power Rangers ones to be doubly popular because there are two new masks.

The only downside is that we’re going to have to wait until the fall for the masks to launch. That means you’re going to have to make your silver and blue GravityMuds last until then.

The Glamglow GravityMud Power Rangers Masks will launch in Fall 2017.