GLAMGLOW always has exciting new launches, but it’s the brand’s collaborations that make skincare lovers and collectors go wild. Remember the Sonic the Hedgehog and Power Rangers collaborations? If you loved them for their nostalgic vibes, you will love GLAMGLOW’s forthcoming launch because the brand is launching a My Little Pony collection.

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We’re in luck because we’re not just getting one mask inspired by our favorite multicolored ponies, we’re getting a collection of them. Before you ask, there is tons of sparkle in the range. There are three masks in the collection that transform the Gravity Mud Firming Treatment ($59). The product still has its peel-off formula and contains good-for-skin ingredients like licorice and marshmallow, but the masks packaging and finish draw inspiration from three My Little Pony characters: Pinkie Pie, Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle.


The Pinkie Pie Pink mask is unsurprisingly a hot pink mask with silver glitter. Princess Luna is a black mask that GLAMGLOW fans will likely compare to the brand’s #GlitterMask Gravity Mud ($59). Princess Luna has black and silver flecks with silver star glitter. Finally, there’s Twilight Sparkle Purple, a bold purple mask with silver sparkle.

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Each of the #GlitterMasks comes in a collectible package with the holographic mask and a mini brush to apply the treatment. Like the originals, each of the GLAMGLOW x My Little Pony masks will cost $59. There is no specific launch date as of yet, but we’ll be getting them soon as they launch in April.


The GLAMGLOW My Little Pony Masks will launch in April.

(Photos: GLAMGLOW)