There are lots of ways you can get flawless curls. Curling irons, tongs and multipurpose flat irons are popular options, but so are no-heat curling hacks. If you’ve tried them all and you’re looking for something new, the Glampalm Zigzag Styling Iron ($220) gives you next-level curls that other curling methods cannot.

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The Glampalm Zigzag Styling Iron has recently caught many beauty lovers’ eyes thanks to its distinctive shape as well as for the results it produces. They don’t have “zigzag” in the name for no reason. The iron has a zigzag plate that produces uniform zigzag spirals that your regular ol’ rod can’t compete with. These waves are like the larger, more defined version of crimped hair. The shape of the iron is basically what your curls end up looking like.


The iron is designed with Heat Stone Technology so you get major curls in little time. That also means there is less of a chance of you frying your hair. What’s more, the flexible heat plates have a ceramic coating to help you achieve shiny locks.

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If you’re looking to add a new hair tool into your collection, you can pick up the GlamPalm Zigzag Styling Iron on the brand’s website right now. Try it out and see if you go back to your regular curling iron.

Embrace a look that's bold and unique with Glampalm's Zigzag Styling Iron. Get it at

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