Before I started researching Glimpse Skin Care by XanGo I didn’t really know what a mangosteen was.  I’m not sure that I would recognize it in the produce department and the name sounds like one of those tricky new laboratory fruits that combine a mango and something else that ends with “steen.”


Joe Morton discovered the mangosteen on a trip to Southeast Asia while searching for a special natural nutritional supplement.  His interest in the mangosteen led to research and development of delicious and nutrient-rich mangosteen juice that would be used to start XanGo, a company that now offers a wide variety of mangosteen-based products.  The name comes from Xan referring to the XANthone-rich nutrients and Go referring to the manGO steen.

A new development from XanGo is the Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care Line, which uses BioActive X3 Complex derived from the mangosteen rind as a base for topical skin care products.  The unique xanthone-rich ingredients in the skin care line provide an all-natural toxin-free way to promote healthy skin and reduce signs of aging.

glimpse skin care

I had the opportunity to try samples of the complete six-step Glimpse system that includes: creamy cleanser, gel cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizing cream, and moisturizing lotion.  It also includes Mangosteen Pericarp Oil as an added moisturizing supplement and Glimpse Mineral Treatment as a final step for skin protection.

glimpse mineral treatment

It’s impressive that the Glimpse line fully explores the idea of mangosteen pericarp by offering a complete set of products that utilize this special ingredient.  I would have to use the six-step process exclusively for a long period of time to fully report about the ability to make my skin more glowing and radiant, but I do enjoy the ease of use.  I like that the system has different elements so you can adjust it based on location, weather, or other factors that affect your skin as it becomes more dry, oily, or irritated than usual. The Mangosteen Pericarp Oil is a great supplement that I will keep around to add to my regular skin care regimine when I’m feeling more dry than usual and the Mineral Treatment is a great powder that didn’t cause any irritation.

You can visit the XanGo website to find our more about the benefits of internal and external use of mangosteen and the history behind this powerful fruit.  You can order Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care by XanGo products online or find your local distributor.