Glitter Pits(Photo: Instagram/ChrissieHall)

Holiday party looks are all about glitter. Sequined and metallic dresses are always popular options, and who doesn’t love a pair of sparkly shoes to hit the dance floor in? Glitter is also an essential part of your holiday makeup look. Most of us will usually add a hint of sparkle to our makeup routines with a swipe of eyeliner, a sparkly nail polish top coat, or a shimmery lip color. However, glitter isn’t just for your face. You probably covered your entire body in glitter when you were a tween, but the latest trendy spot to put sparkles on is probably somewhere you never thought of before.

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Glitter armpits are the latest beauty trend that has taken off just in time for the holiday party season. Sparkle-loving Kesha is going to be so upset that she didn’t think of this first. A quick Instagram search will tell you that the trend isn’t something that was started last week, but it is gaining momentum as everyone is trying to figure out how to stand out at all of their December parties.

As you can probably deduce, the trend involves adding a good dose of glitter to your pits. There doesn’t seem to be one popular color or style. There are pits with a subtle coat of fine glitter, then there are those that have a thick layer applied almost like a paste. People are also trying different types of glitter. Note the gold stars in the above photo.

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Glitter roots and megawatt glitter lips were two beauty trends that have been showing up everywhere, but it is no surprise that glitter has spread to the armpits. We’ve seen a lot of armpit trends in 2015, including growing out your armpit hair and dyeing it crazy colors. You could even combine glitter pits with the armpit dyeing trend for a bold look.

Glitter Pits 2

(Photo: Instagram/TiaNinaRocks)

Would glitter armpits be itchy? Possibly. Would they be a pain to wash off? Not as annoying as it would be to get all the glitter out of your roots. Would they get you into the holiday spirit? Heck yeah. If you have glitter pits, who wouldn’t want to go out on the dance floor and show them off with some dance moves. You are not going to be sitting at a table nibbling on a piece of fruitcake and hope someone will see your glitter pits. You are going to be throwing your hands up in the air.

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Grab some glitter pots and a deodorant and test it out the glitter armpit trend. You can be rocking it from now until New Year’s Eve. However, don’t think that the fun will stop there. Remember the glitter armpit trend along with your customized Flash Tattoos when the 2016 music festival season kicks off.