Glitter Eye Shadow Jason Wu

Rose gold glitter eye shadow at Jason Wu.

We saw glitter and metallic eye shadow all over the Fall/Winter 2013 runways last spring, and it’s popped up again this season. There’s been glitter eye shadow on at least three runways this Fashion Week, from the delicate rose gold at Jason Wu to the crazy Studio 54-esque blue glitterbomb at Adam Selman, which means sparkly eyelids are officially a trend for Spring 2014.

Glitter eye shadow can look pretty pre-tween, but some of the looks we’ve been seeing this week are mature enough even for those of us who wore glitter body gel in the 90s.

Honestly, glitter is a bit of an advanced technique when it comes to makeup. It can be a bit tough to apply without getting it all over your face and in your eyes. (Oh god, don’t get the glitter in your eyes!) So check out these easy tutorials for ways to wear glitter eye shadow without blinding yourself.


1. Smokey Eye With Gold Glitter by Mel Williams
[youtube_iframe id=”185qUHXn0L4″]


2. Holiday Glittter Smokey Eye Shadow Tutorial by Melissa Bernard
This one is surprisingly elegant.
[youtube_iframe id=”MJn4WYEgOTw”]


3. Glittery Coral Eye Shadow Tutorial by TheBeautyVaultxo
I am not normally down for pink eye shadow or glitter, but for some reason this look is working for me.
[youtube_iframe id=”MHvT56VGGWg”]


4. Aqua Glitter-rific Eye Makeup Tutorial by Facequizite
This one is similar to the glitterbomb going on over at the Adam Selman runways.
[youtube_iframe id=”2YEHI9a6jk8″]


5. How To Apply Glitter Rhinestones Eye Makeup by Vegas_Nay
This is a whole lot of look, but if you’re not shy it sure looks like fun.
[youtube_iframe id=”Rs4l0eTvOrU”]


Image: Instagram/Fashionista