glitter injections

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Blood, guts, and gore may be popular themes for Halloween, but sometimes we crave something a little, well, less creepy. Fake stitches and gruesome special effects are fun, but it is great to switch things up every now and again. That’s where glitter comes in. You may love glitter makeup for holidays and going out, but it can be equally brilliant for Halloween. It can make ethereal looks even more dazzling. Plus, it can add an unexpected twist to spooky makeup. And let’s not forget that glitter looks great in any kind of light.

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Get out your glitter and check out 13 Halloween makeup looks that are all about sparkle:

1. Black and Gold Glitter Skull

Glitter Skull

There are lots of different skull makeup ideas for Halloween. Make yours stand out by adding some glitter into the mix. This gold and black color combination is striking.

2. Sparkly Fortune Teller

Glitter Fortune Teller

You can do an all-over glitter look, or you can focus it on one area. The gold glitter tear in this spooky fortune teller look is the perfect accent. Plus, it ties in her septum piercing.

3. Glitter Unicorn 

unicorn glitter

You cannot create a unicorn makeup look without some sparkle. If you’re rocking a sparkly (faux) unicorn horn, extend things down onto your face.

4. Shimmering Mermaid

Glitter Mermaid

Ombre mermaid scales are cool, but a sprinkling of glitter takes them to the next level. If you don’t want to do scales on your lips, try a pale pink sparkly lip like she did.

5. Gold Glitter Mask

Glitter Mask

Those eyelashes are major, but it is that shimmering mask we cannot take our eyes off of. Real masks can be fiddly, but this one shouldn’t bother you. Just remember not to rub your eyes.

6. Shimmering Clown Skull

Glitter Clown

A clown skull is a unique concept by itself. When you throw the glitter into the mix, it gives it another twist. Go for chunky silver pieces. They really pop against the black face paint.

7. Sparkly Ice Queen

Ice Queen

You’re not actually going to rock ice with your ice queen look, are you? A dusting of silver glitter is a much more sensible solution. Plus, it looks just as chillingly beautiful.

8. Glitter Cat Makeup

Glitter Cat Makeup

Adding glitter to a cat Halloween makeup look may not be the first thing you think of, but this is actually very sweet. The two-tone lip is a very pretty idea.

9. Shimmering Alien

Shimmering ALien

Who said that aliens can only be green? This is a sweet interpretation of an alien beauty look. The polka dot mouth with the glittery pink outline is very cute. Ditto the eye makeup.

10. Full-On Glitter Skull

Glitter Skull1

Are you addicted to glitter? This is the look for you. There are few occasions when you can get away with a face full of glitter and Halloween is the one time you can. This is a glitterbomb explosion in the best of ways.

11. Sequined Lioness


It might be a bit tedious to glue individual sequins to your forehead, but you can see that the results are worth it.

12. Sparkly Fairy

Fairy Halloween

A fairy Halloween beauty look calls for some shimmer. Incorporate your glitter on your neck and decolletage like she did.

13. Galaxy Glitter Tears

Glitter Ears

Wow. Take your galaxy beauty obsession to a new level with these sparkly glitter tears. If you want to rock them when it isn’t Halloween, we will understand.