This review comes via our sibling site and was written by Blisstree Deputy Editor Briana Roglin.

The Product:
Norma Kamali Wellness Sea Clay Masque

The Pitch: “The combination of olive oil and clay mud from the sea is one of the oldest and most beneficial face masques ever created (ancient Greece) for men and women.”

The Price: $16 for 75 mL

The Take: Thumbs up

I love facial masks, but they’re expensive and they tend to bother my sensitive skin. More often than not, they inflict redness, irritation, and pimples – the exact opposite of what a gal wants when she shells out $15 for goo to slather on her face.

So I was pleased about the free-ness, but apprehensive about the mask-ness of this Norma Kamali schwag. But if there’s one thing I like about Norma, it’s her dedication to natural, whole ingredients, so I agreed to test it. When I spread the green, mealy clay on my face, I had to take a deep breath: flashbacks of clay masks that left my skin ruddy and broken came rushing back. But her product line is all olive-oil-based and unscented, so I took it on faith that it wouldn’t sap my skin of all existing moisture. And 15 minutes later, it actually left my skin feeling soothed, exfoliated, and well-moisturized. One day later, I’m feeling particularly “glow-y” despite the incessant rain; and I’m not red, itchy, or sprouting horns, so I’m pleased as punch.

I also like that it only takes a tiny bit to cover your face, and it doesn’t cost a small fortune. You could stretch a single tube out for months, making it a pretty wise way to spend your mask – make that masque – budget.