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Glossier has been killing it with its cult favorite products including the famous Boy Brow, Wowder and the non-goopy sunscreen. Now, the popular beauty brand is giving us something for below the neck with its new Body Hero Duo ($44).

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That’s right, Glossier is dropping body products. The two new products include the Body Hero Daily Oil Wash ($22) and Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream ($27). And Glossier launched them with an inclusive campaign capturing different women’s bodies in their natural, flawless glory.

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The Body Hero Daily Oil Wash is an oil cleanser that’s inspired by the ones we use on our faces. Unlike some soapy body washes, this one won’t strip the skin of its natural moisture or irritate it. It’s gentle, hydrating and rinses away without any residue. And just like your usual shower gels and creams, it just needs a bit of water to work. When it’s wet, the innovative formula froths up to remove dirt and grime.

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The Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream is described as “more than a body lotion.” The multitasker tightens, smooths and enhances the look of skin. Unlike some body washes, it absorbs into skin quickly without leaving behind any telltale stickiness. The only thing you’ll notice is the subtle glow and its refreshing clean scent.

If you want both products, you can pick up the Body Hero Duo ($44). Whether you want the duo, the Oil Wash, the Daily Perfecting Cream, or multiples of each, you can shop them now on the Glossier website.