There were lots of gorgeous beauty looks at the 2018 Oscars. If you were keeping up with all of the behind-the-scenes posts, you might have noticed that a couple of celebrities were wearing new Glossier product. Allison Janney, Taraji P. Henson and Tracee Ellis Ross, all sported Lidstar ($22), an eyeshadow. (It was also the same one Beyonce teased at the Grammys.) The good news is that we can now get our hands on what is surely going to be another cult product.

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It might have been an unexpected launch, but it’s an exciting one considering this is Glossier’s first eyeshadow product. The brand describes Lidstar as a product that “lights up eyes with a wash of soft, glistening color that lasts all day.”  If you want specifics, Glossier reported on Instagram that the Lidstar lasts up for 12 hours, supposedly without the need for primer.

Meet Lidstar ✨📲 go go goooo

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What’s more, the creamy, blendable formula dries down to a sheer veil that enhances eyes thanks to the coated pigments and pearls and special effects pigments in the formula.

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There are six prismatic colors to choose from: Lily (sheer lilac base with blue and violet pearls), Fawn (cool, smoky taupe with violet and neutral gold pearls), Cub (a rose gold with warm shimmer effect), Slip (sheer baby pink with golden highlight effect), Herb (smoky green with yellow gold pearl) and Moon (the sheerest cream base with blueish opalescent glimmer) .

All of the shades are unique because they have different formulas and flecks and pearls, giving you another reason to collect them all. You can get shopping now because the Glossier Lidstar Eyeshadows are available to shop on the Glossier website right now.