America’s big game has a longstanding tradition of concentrating as many sexist ads as possible into the shortest amount of airtime, and web hosting company Go Daddy Super Bowl ads are often some of the worst. This year appears no different, as the domain provider’s newest one reminds the world that attractive women need “nerds” — i.e. smart men who are invariably socially incompetent according to stereotypes — in order to accomplish stuff, because being pretty means you’re a fucking idiot. Duh.

In the commercial, supermodel Bar Rafaeli makes out with a guy called “Walter,” representing the “sexy” and “smart” sides to Go Daddy. Spokeswoman Danica Patrick narrates: “There are two sides to Go Daddy. There’s the sexy side represented by Bar Refaeli. And the smart side that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by Walter. Together, they’re perfect.”

Rafaeli seems jazzed about the whole thing, which I assume is because they paid her a ton of money to be.

“The opportunity to be in a Super Bowl commercial is thrilling. I feel like the ‘Perfect Match’ commercial is a chance to be in an iconic Super Bowl spot that not only leaves people talking, but shows everyone what Go Daddy is really about.”

Really? It’s “iconic” to show that, to Go Daddy, attractive women can’t be smart, too? The idea that pretty females need to be somehow taken care of or advised or assisted by men is ridiculous, obviously; the only way that this could be considered remotely iconic is that it exemplifies the sexist attitudes towards women’s appearances, and the implication that being attractive somehow makes you less qualified or intelligent.

What also bothers me about this ad is how it’s clearly making fun of this guy’s appearance. “Here’s a sexy woman whom we feel would never be interested in you if not for your intelligence,” is essentially the message, and that’s just plain unkind. Who says that Rafaeli couldn’t be interested in that guy regardless? Oh, and the media coverage of it is also pretty cruel, which makes this commercial even more shitty. From USA Today:

By the start of the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, people tend to start tuning out the commercials. After seeing the Go Daddy commercial that will air near the end of the game, that may be a good thing, particularly if you’re watching on a full stomach.

The domain registry company’s annual racy advertisement will feature supermodel and former Leonardo DiCaprio-girlfriend Bar Refaeli in a super slo-mo make-out session with a nerdy tech guy. It’s gross, disturbing and probably a massively successful method of bolstering Go Daddy’s name recognition.”

Watching anybody make out up-close is gross, yes, but “disturbing”? Really? Then there’s E!‘s take:

“Cue the lengthy makeout session between the supermodel and the super-nerd. Attaboy, Walter! … Other than domaign names, we get the sense from [Go Daddy’s] signature Super Bowl ads that it’s really about hot chicks.”

Sigh. Yeah. “Hot chicks” and sexism and ridiculously outdated perceptions. Without further ado, here’s the ad in question: