Looking for something naturally luxe for your skin?

goatLegend has it that Cleopatra, are very favorite seductress of all time, used goat milk when bathing! While this may sound a little weird, goat milk facials are super relaxing and even diminishes the appearance of fine lines!

Here’s a recipe for one you can try at home.

1 heaping teaspoon of ground almonds–pulverized to the consistency of corn meal.

2 level teaspoons of MEYENBERG® Powdered Goat Milk

A few drops of warm water sufficient water to make a smooth paste

To do:

Apply to face and neck. Massage gently to cleanse and exfoliate. Let dry for 5 or 6 minutes. Gently rinse and gently pat dry.

Thanks to Meyenberg Goat Milk for this great recipe!

Image: Sxc.hu