I guess it’s not enough for people who forgo washing their hair to just sit there and do it quietly: they, like everyone else, need a movement.

The Huffington Post reports that the movement is called “no ‘poo,” and the idea is that not washing your hair is better for it. Your scalp makes oils necessary for hair and scalp health which washing strips away, leaving both hair and scalp dry. Your scalp then overproduces oil to compensate, and ends are dry due to overwashing, so you wash again and also condition.

In the no ‘poo movement, as you may have gathered, devotees don’t wash for up to months at a time. They do rinse and get their hair wet, and that is how they avoid looking like the VW van left them behind in the parking lot after a particularly intense, drug-fueled Phish concert.

This basic idea that fewer washes are good for hair is something that we’ve all heard already from innumerable glossy magazines, yes? But I was always to understand that washing every other day or so was the answer, not washing every six weeks.

‘Poo-less celebrities include Jessica Simpson, Shirley Cook of Proenza Schouler and Robert Pattinson (which…well, is anyone really surprised? And is it really because he’s so concerned with the potential for split ends? Really?).

What about you? How often do you wash? Would you consider going ‘poo-less?