✅ НОВЫЙ ТРЕНД: золотые веснушки? #goldfreckles Как Вам??

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It started with natural-looking fake freckles then it progressed to rainbow freckles, galaxy freckles, and glitter freckles dominating the festival season of last year. For 2017, freckles are still a major look, but this time they have gotten a golden touch courtesy of gold freckle temporary tattoos.

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If you’re a fan of all of the freckle trends and you love temporary tattoos for festivals, you are going to like this. The look is all about using temporary tattoos to create a beautiful cascade of golden freckles across your face. And it works whether you are blessed with natural freckles or not.

POPSUGAR reported that one of the benefits of the look is that you can use your temporary tattoos that you already have to create the look by modifying them to create a freckle effect. However, you can also buy golden freckle temporary tattoos. Have a look at the beauty sections in clothing stores that have good festival collections or even head up your local drugstore or Sephora. You might just be surprised what you can find.

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The big benefit about temporary freckle tattoos is that whey won’t run or smudge into a big mess like some makeup. However, if you cannot find the right golden freckle tattoo, or you can’t be bothered to DIY one, you can always use a waterproof and long-wearing liquid liner.

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And if you do go the makeup route, don’t feel you have to stop at just gold. Why not add some silver or copper while you’re at it?