70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

All right. We brought you live coverage of last night’s Golden Globe Awards, we brought you our ten best dressed and our ten worst dressed (still reeling, Halle Berry)…

Now, we’d like to level the playing field and just focus on the shoulders up. Last night, there was some really amazing hair and makeup on the red carpet–and some not amazing hair and makeup. This is our rundown of the best and worst of the Golden Globes beauty.

Tina Fey Golden GlobesBest Blowout: Tina Fey. Everyone wanted to touch Tina’s hair.

Claire Danes

Worst Liner: Claire Danes‘ eye makeup just seemed so harsh.

Jessica Chastain Golden GlobesBest Face: People had lots of feelings about Jessica Chastain‘s slicked back hair but… could anyone fault her makeup artist? She looked flawless.

Eva Longoria Golden GLobes

Worst Pompadour: Eva Longoria.

Also snags Worst Fake Lashes. Are these from the Kardashian makeup collection?

Julianne Hough Golden GlobesSecond Worst Pompadour: Julianne Hough, you look about as edgy as Miley Cyrus.

Helen Mirren Golden Globes

Best Side Part: Helen Mirren, you fox.

Sarah Hyland Golden GlobesWorst Extensions: No, Sarah Hyland! Why did your hair team pile on all those cheesy extensions? This hair is more appropriate to the woman dressed as a mermaid at used car dealerships.

Kate Hudson Golden GlobesBest Glow: We weren’t crazy about Kate Hudson‘s dress but she’s hardly looked better from the neck up. Not too much, not too little. Matte but soft and dewy, all the good stuff, etc.

Rachel Weisz Golden GlobesBest Side Swept Waves: The most popular look of the night and one nailed by the impossibly beautiful Rachel Weisz. Also, Best Eyebrows?

Heidi Klum golden globes

Worst Side Swept Waves: Heidi Klum‘s hair people needed to set down the hairspray a long time before they actually did. Klum’s waves looked stiff and greasy, and then there’s the matter of those roots.

Ilsa Fisher Golden GlobesBest Red: Damn, Isla Fisher. What a perfect beauty look for a redhead.

Halle Berry Golden GlobesWorst Mohawk: Halle Berry not only dominated for worst dressed of the night, but her crunchy stegosaurus hair seemed fitting.

Thandie Newton Golden Globes

Best Minimalism: Although one of our worst dressed, Thandie Newton came out looking gorgeous and unfussy in the beauty category. Look at that skin!

Adele Golden Globes

Worst Beehive: Adele. It was great if you like Holly Golighty hair–a shiny bouffant with unsubtle highlights.

But it just seemed so… crunchy. Also, too much mascara led to winning a secondary honor, Worst Tarantula Eyes.

Jessica Albe Golden GlobesBest Coral: You win this time, Jessica Alba. That bold streak of coral set off the peachy Oscar de la Renta gown and made it just a little bit more interesting.

Kaley Cuoco Golden GlobesWorst Goth: Kaley Cuoco‘s stylist talked her into something “on-trend” and it shows. Don’t wear shit that you have to be coerced into, famous laides!

Also, this will look so dated starting… yesterday.

Kerry Washington Golden GlobesBest Blue: Kerry Washington is so beautiful it’s stupid, but she’s also demonstrating how blue eye shadow can work for every woman.

Nicole Richie Golden Globes

Worst Blue: …While Nicole Richie demonstrates how not to wear blue shadow.

Helena Bonham Carter Golden GlobesMost Herself: What could we possibly say, Helena Bonham Carter?

(All photos via Getty)