Grace Coddington Signs Copies Of Her Book "Grace: A Memoir"

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Do you ever just look at someone who seems like they’d be a pretty fancy person once you got to know them and just think, “You know what’d be nice? If I could smell like that person.” No? Just me? Oh, come on, I know there’s at least one of you out there. Like, I’m sure one of you has looked at legendary Vogue editor Grace Coddington and wondered what it would be like to smell like her. Okay, fine, I’ll stop before this gets too creepy, but Grace Coddington is releasing her first fragrance, so, you know, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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The fragrance, simply called Grace by Grace Coddington, is a collaboration with Commes des Garçons, and, according to Vogueincludes notes of peach blossom, white musk, and “amber crystal-spiked Moroccan rose absolute,” a combination that’s sure to make it perfect for the bright, breezy days of spring and summer. Of her decision to go with these scent profiles, Coddington explained,

“My mother had a rose garden, and it just never occurred to me to smell like any other smell except rose.”

She elaborated that she also drew her inspiration from an old Floris perfume called Red Rose, which she wore during her early modeling days, saying that she “loved the idea that it was pretty much crushed rose petals and that was that.”

The liquid itself appears rosy in color, but the bottle is anything but:

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The cat-shaped bottle was reportedly designed by Interview editorial director Fabien Baron, and is based on one of Coddington’s cat sketches, which can be found on her Instagram. The final result is cute, subtle, very Grace Coddington, and will make a fine addition to anyone’s vanity.

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This perfume, as is the case with all perfumes, obviously won’t be for everyone. While the initial response to the fragrance was positive—Coddington told Vogue, “People have been going out of their way to say, ‘Oh, that’s the most wonderful smell. What are you wearing?’ That’s a good sign!”—I’d imagine that the floral notes in Grace by Grace Coddington are pretty strong given her intense emotional connection to the fragrance, so if floral perfumes aren’t your game, you might have to find another way to channel your inner Vogue editor. And, even if they are, at $110 a pop, the perfume is pretty out of reach for the general population. As for me, I could bathe in a pool of rosewater and be happy, so Grace Coddington, I’m coming for your scent.

…I’m sorry. That was weird. You all know what I mean. Hopefully.

Grace by Grace Coddington will launch on April 19 exclusively at Dover Street Market. Click here to read her full interview about the new fragrance with Vogue!