biracial cheerios ad

Remember that adorable little girl in the Cheerios ad that garnered a bunch of negative attention for featuring a biracial family? Well, that adorable kid is a real kid! And unlike many of the peculiar, robotic interviews child actors often give, the one she had Tuesday morning with MSNBC is so genuinely sweet, it is as heartwarming and “awwww”-inducing as seeing five puppies cuddle with a giant teddybear wearing a bow tie.

On the segment, 6-year-old Grace Colbert is asked about how kids at school reacted to her commercial. In response, Grace gives the same charmingly bewildered look she perfectly delivered in the commercial that made her famous. When the host asked her parents about their reactions to the negativity of the racist YouTube comments that they saw, Grace’s father explains that “being a part of a blended, biracial family, it’s just a reality,” and that America needs to see that.

Something I was genuinely worried about when the ad came out: whether or not the little girl would be aware of the awful hate speech people were spewing. The answer? Nope! She thinks all the attention is being she “has a great smile.”

puppies playing with teddy bear


There are millions and millions of biracial families in the United States. That fact won’t change no matter how many out-of-touch, dated ideas awful people spew on the Internet. They’re already on the wrong side of history; they can either accept that it is unacceptable to be racist and finally shut up about it, or they can drag their heels and continue looking like absolutely out-of-touch, dated, awful people.

Now, here’s the moment smile you’ve been waiting for. I give you: The Most Adorable Kid Interview Ever.

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Photo: Cheerios.