As you may have already noticed, we are a little obsessed with unnatural hair colors. Whether it is on celebrities or on my own head, I firmly believe that dyeing your hair is one of the most fun beauty-related things a person can do. But what about unnatural colors that are still…well, sort of natural? Like gray hair, for instance!

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Most of us go gray, white, or at least salt and pepper later in life, so it is not technically an unnatural color. Still, it has been a trend amongst many non-sexagenarians over the past few years. While brighter, mixed shades have taken center stage as of late, the gray hair dye trend is still a bold, beautiful look, as shown on Instagrammer Cheeno Grey, whose photos were showcased by Huffington Post Style the other day. They were inspired by her lovely locks and so were we!

Therefore, we decided to do some poking around on the Internet to find the best gray hair that will serve as the perfect inspiration for any woman looking for a fun new shade this season.

1. Long & Straight

This silky, smooth and straight look shows off the color so well.

2. Messy & Side-Parted

The hint of lilac in this gray style is lovely.

3. Ombre Grayscale

How cool is this grayscale twist on the ombre trend? Plus, it isn’t even dyed–it’s hair chalk!

4. Glamorous Gray Curls

These big, glamorous curls are almost too stunning. I’ll have one of this style in every shade of the rainbow, please.

5. Flowers & A Bun

This is unbelievably stylish. If you’re going to a music festival or simply having a day in the park this summer, try this pretty hairdo.

6. Gray Curls

Once again, we give you Cheeno Grey on Instagram! Seriously, she knows how to style her stunning locks. Follow her and take note.

7. Gray With Smokey Eyes

If you were wondering which makeup to wear with gray hair, Instagram user Huipputipo has got that answer covered with this beautiful smokey look.

8. Pulled Back

We love the look of French twists, but with gray hair, it feels even more sophisticated than usual.

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9. Carefree & Casual

This look is minimal effort, but paired with a pretty lace shirt, it looks wonderful.

10. Silver Strands

This shade of gray looks so lovely and–dare I say it–healthy!

11. Cute Crop

I love Twitter user Sally_Faye‘s adorable crop and gray hair! It looks modern and unique–and extra great when you throw in her lovely smile.

Click to the next page to see a vintage-inspired look, gray hair with a crop top, and a purple, teal and gray braid!

12. Gray Pinup Girl

Adding red lipstick, sunglasses and a big victory roll makes any look a total win.

13. With Coordinating Makeup

I love how beautifully Instagram user CaribbeanQueen1976 did her makeup; its metallic tones match up so well with the hair color she has.

14. Gray, Teal & Purple Braid

I can’t get over how cool this looks. Multicolored braids are always lovely, but this is truly different than most.

15. Ombre Gray

The way Instagrammer JanelleGriffin‘s hair fades to a paler shade is stunning.

16. Chin-Length

Instagram user Peebu looks great with this chin-length silver cut, proving you don’t need long locks to pull of gray hair.

17. Smooth & Styled

If you’re looking for a subtle bit of glamor, doing a smooth blowout will enhance and spotlight the color that you choose.

18. Short Gray Hair

I love this cute crop that Spoiled_Fox on Instagram has. The gray dye job and the pastel pink lipstick make this a pretty, soft look that is excellent on her.

19. Long & Lavender

I am obsessed with how long and lovely this dark gray-purple hair is.

20. Long Hair & Crop Top Combo

Even though everyone can wear a crop top, I admittedly have always dreamed of having wildly long hair and wearing one. It looks so cool! Instagram user MyPerfectObsession exemplifies this here.

21. Gray & Lilac Locks

This grayish-purple shade is uniquely beautiful while not being overwhelming or over-the-top.

22. Gray Crop

I love Instagrammer HearMyLullaby’s cute gray pixie cut!