How you blow dry your hair is extremely important if you want to have volume, fullness and shine. This is a video from which is reat – and full of all of the wonderful tips you need to make the most of your

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Take from this video not the completely time consuming details, but the eneral methods.1. Overdirect the hair – meaning blow dry your hair in the opposite direction that it is going to lay.

2. Use the right products – gels, oot lifting sprays, mousses, working and finishing sprays. Don’t overuse them.
A general rule of thumb – the finer your hair, the less product you can use.

3. Use a great brush – boars bristle brushes will give you shine, nylon brushes will give you control.

4. Pay attention to how you place your hair while its cooling. If you remember way back when I talked about sulfur and hydrogen bonds, you can put that info to use and have longer lasting, gorgeous hairstyles simply from a blow dry.

I also totally agree with Adir about the Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic blow dryer – much healthier for the hair, both from the way it treats your hair, to cutting drying time nearly in half. Happy blowdrying!