indie makeupThe major players in makeup alway find their way onto every blog, but what about those little known gems we sometimes overlook–the indie beauty brands. Just because they can’t be found at your local Sephora doesn’t make them any less great. In fact, I would say they probably have a cult-like following that could probably rival some of the household cosmetics brands in our makeup bags today.

Here are a few indie makeup brands worth checking out:

* Urban Apothecary (they even have their own category here at Makeup Minute)

* Aromaleigh Cosmetics

* Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics

* Sally B.’s Skin Yummies

* Mode Cosmetics

* Christopher Drummond Beauty

* Billy B. Beauty

* Mommy Makeup

Speaking of Indie, if you have a passion for indie fashion, check out my fellow b5media blogger Kim at Indie Style File.

Know of a great indie makeup brand that I should check out? Let me know, I’d love to spotlight more indie brands.

* Photo Credit: Fashion Indie