St. Patrick’s Day is coming up which means that you might be thinking green. Shamrock face paint and festive green manicure are popular options, but how about a green hair color? Purple and pink hair colors are still dominating the rainbow hair category, but green is equally gorgeous whether you try a soft mint color or go for a bold emerald. Just like pink and purple, green hair will still look amazing when St. Patrick’s Day has long been forgotten about.

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Ready to be all #GreenHairDontCare? Scroll down to see 14 gorgeous green hair color ideas to inspire you:

1. Bluish Green Hair

Love blue hair, too? Try a bluish green hue.


2. Green and Brown Hair

The bit of brown makes the green pop.


3. Denim Blue and Green Hair

For all of the dark-haired ladies who want rainbow hair.


4. Blackened Green Hair

Do you see the babylights?


5. Bright Green Hair

Bottle green hair color? Yes, please.


6. Deep Green Hair

This color helps show off her gorgeous hair texture.


7. Mint Hair

Remember that we can still count mint as a shade of green.


8. Neon Green Hair

That is some major green hair. Notice the ombre color?


9. Mint, Bright Green and Turquoise Hair

The mermaid vibes are strong.


10. Deep Green

Cool hair cut and a cool hair color.


11. Vibrant Green

Hands up if you’re green with envy over this look?


12. Chartreuse Hair

Go bold or go home.


13. Lime Green Hair

They’ll see you coming with this hair color.


14. Light and Medium Green Hair

The different tones are very cute.