gretchen-carlson-no-makeupOn Friday afternoon Fox News lady and former Miss America Gretchen Carlson announced that she was going to participate in a “cable news first” by appearing on TV without makeup. Of course a “cable news first” is like the “participation” trophy of doing things first, because people have been on TV without makeup before. Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb went on NBC’s Today without makeup for No Makeup Day a few years ago and seemed to have a good time talking about how anxious they’d been.

Going without makeup in some kind of statement about inner beauty or bravery or “empowerment” is not a new thing at all, but what’s surprising about this is that it happened on Fox News, which is renowned for the distinct Fox News Look it requires of its on-air ladies. Check out what they did to our own Meghan Keane a few years ago when she appeared on the network. At the time, she wrote:

When I looked in the mirror, I could sort of recognize that I was still there underneath all that makeup, but I was pretty surprised to see how I had completely transformed into a Fox News babe.

When we heard Carlson was going to be on Fox News without her newsbabe paint job, we envisioned the makeup-free host trying to ninja her way past Fox News security guards armed with foundation guns and bronzer, shimmying through air ducts to get past all the Stormtroopers we imagine Fox News has in place to prevent a woman from getting on-camera without pageant makeup.

Carlson went without her Fox News babe makeup as part of a piece against the sexualization of young girls, where she appeared with the CEO of a toy company that sells “empowering” toys. The makeup-free women talked briefly about how girls are sexualized by things like Bratz dolls and push-up bikinis, and how girls should be encouraged to build themselves “from the inside up” and not putting so much emphasis on their appearances and sexual desirability. It’s a completely commendable effort.

Carlson will, however, presumably continue to work at Fox News and will be back on Monday, babe spackle and all.

Via Jezebel/Photo: Fox News