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It’s awful when you get a bad haircut, but the worst thing about it is waiting for it to grow out. It’s not like you can wear a hat 24/7. That is why most people are uneasy about trying a new hairstylist for the first time. Even if you get a haircut that you are in love with, you will eventually want a change and that starts the awkward growing out process.

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These are the emotions everyone goes through when growing out their hair:

1. DepressedPrincess Diaries Hair

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I am so over this haircut. It is the worst. How could I have ever thought that it would look cute? I am just going to have to wear a bag over my head until it grows out. Someone pass me a large brown bag, please.

2. InspireDita

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Hmmm…maybe my haircut won’t look half bad once it grows out? With a little bit of length, I could style it in a different way and made it look quite edgy. There are lots of great hair photos in this magazine and the models’ hair isn’t that much different than mine.

3. AnxiousCher Hair

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How long does it really take your hair to grow? It must crow a couple of millimeters a day right? I’m pretty sure that I read somewhere that your hair grows between one or two inches a month. That better be true. In fact, that better be a very low estimate.

4. AnnoyedJanet Hair

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While I am waiting for my hair to grow, it still does not solve the problem of how I am supposed to style it in the meantime. The way my hairdresser styled it is definitely not going to work. I wonder if I can get away with just wrapping it around my head and putting a hat on?

5. Frustrated Messy Hair

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Maybe hair extensions do not seem so ridiculous an idea after all. I cannot keep waiting around for my locks to grow and not take any action. That is not how things get solved in the world. I need to do something to speed this growing this up, but I don’t know what…

6. Exasperated Pulling Hair

(GIF: Wiffle GIF)

Has my hair even grown one millimeter in the past two months? Does it even grow at all? If I thought that things were going to take this long, it almost would have been better to just shave all this damn hair off and start from scratch.

7. HappyBeyonce hair

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Look at that! I can almost put my hair in a ponytail! It is growing. I knew it was. I take could care of my hair so of course it is going to grow at a decent rate. I knew I was making progress. Now I just have a couple more inches to go.

8. ConfusedNew Girl Curling Hair

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When you have longer hair, it is supposed to be more versatile so why is it that I am still finding it so hard to style my few hair? Is this some kind of sick joke? I have a bunch of hair I didn’t have before yet it hasn’t made my hair easier to still. What is up with that?

9. WorriedMindy Haircut

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It’s been awhile since I am have been to the hairdresser. I better not have to go there to get a trim while I’m growing out my hair. That is going to ruin all my hard work. I know if I go there, they’ll say I need to keep the ends in good condition even when I’m growing out my hair. However, I do not want scissors coming anywhere near my mane.