Korres Guava Lipstick | Beauty Bento Box, The Asian Beauty BlogAs you can see, I’m a tad bit obsessed with my lips right now. Curious thing that it’s actually doing alright save the occasional dried up feeling (on the surface, it looks alright though) but I don’t know, I’m really scouring all the possible places to look for something to manage the moisture on my lips.

And then I come across this interesting lipstick from Korres, the Guava Lipstick.

Guava Lipstick

Korres Guava Lipstick is an extended-wear lipstick that pairs rich pigments with a silky, moisturizing formula. The lips are intensely conditioned with guava extract that offers both a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidant protection. Make your lips pop with luminous color that is good for them, too.

What’s interesting is that it never occurred to me that you can actually use Guava for makeup. I guess my orientation with this plant is on its medicinal attribute as relayed in a previous post on using Guava for skincare. I guess that’s it. Skincare. I’d only expect it to be used for skincare products and not makeup. However, more and more beauty brands are incorporating skincare into their makeup to cater to women who are mindful of their skin (and not just ones with sensitive skin).

Anyway, the lipstick highlights what it is formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. Don’t ask me what those are. I really have no clue. At this point in time, my needs aren’t strong enough to bother doing the research. At least, not yet. But if you folks would love to know more, let me know I’ll try to squeeze some research time in my schedule. That’s to show how much I love you Beauty Bento Box readers. Hehe.

Going back, I can’t help but wonder how this will taste like. It’s a different thing if we’re just talking about body butters or boiled water, these things don’t reach your taste buds. But this is a lipstick. Surely you’ll get a taste one way or the other. I hope it won’t taste like you’ve just eaten a leaf (which is totally different if we’re talking about eating green vegetables). We don’t exactly have salads with Guava leaves in them, yes? I guess that’s one of the concerns. Another is, of course, its efficacy.

So this brings me to ask, any of you folks ever tried this lipstick? I’d appreciate any sort of feedback. I’d love to know more about this Guava Lipstick from Korres.

Available in the following shades: 13 Natural Pink (warm neutral pink), 17 Pink (rosy pink), 25 Natural Purple (soft plum), 27 Mauve (vibrant berry), 34 Nude (light pink beige), 43 Orange Brown (deep muted peach), 55 Red (bright cherry red), and 58 Wine Red (burgundy wine).

Guava Lipstick, $22.

Image: sephora.com

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