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Long(er) days leading up to the holidays often mean navigating your way through stressful situations. From high-impact office meetings to fighting the crowds to purchase last-minute gifts, the last thing you want to worry about is your makeup sliding off! (I mean, as if!) You need products that work harder than you do to keep you looking #flawless in any situation. Read on for a few expert tips to ensure your makeup goes above and beyond.

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Maximize Your Morning
“Not preparing your skin properly causes makeup to fade and wear off,” explains Rick DiCecca, Global Makeup Artist for Artistry. “It’s just as important what you take off of your face at the end of the day, as what you put on in the morning. After using a foaming cleanser, follow-up with a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cell build-up.  For dry skin apply 1-2 times a week, and oily combination skin apply 2 to 3 times a week. Beautiful healthy skin is smooth and dewy, with a luminosity that comes from light reflecting on a well-hydrated surface.”

Find the Right Formula
“For long wear, I like using a cream to powder or thicker liquid set with translucent powder on top,” shares makeup artist Edward Cruz. “I prefer night cream, over day cream to give makeup the best longevity. I’ve experimented with new primers and discovered Vincent Longo’s Water Canvas Base primer is really beautiful and blends well with makeup on top of good skincare—it really prepares the skin for a smooth and uniform complexion.”

Create Long-Lasting Lip Service
“Alway apply a lip pencil first [before lipstick],” says Susan Posnick, makeup artist and founder of Susan Posnick Cosmetics. “I usually suggest a natural color like our Colorduo Lip Pencil in Nude or a color in the same family as your favorite lipstick. This will serve as a base for whatever lipstick color goes over it. The pencil also helps to ‘grab’ the lipstick color, so it stays on longer. Even if your lipstick does wear off during the day, the lip pencil color will usually remain.”

Reset (And Refresh)
“If you’re going out after work, I recommend touching up your makeup about 30 minutes before you leave,” advises DiCecca. “Start by re-blooming your makeup by warming moisturizer between your fingers or palms and pressing over your face. Next, use your fingertip or a brush to re-blend or add any foundation or concealer. Next apply a little powder to set and apply your blush.”

“If your eyes need touching up, buff out any creases in your eye shadow on your lids. Then, clean up any smudges underneath your eyes with a brush, cotton swab, sponge or fingertip, then re-line. You can also apply another coat of mascara, or re-wet the mascara on your lashes by taking an old mascara wand and dipping it in a watery eye makeup remover. Simply shake off the excess and sweep it thru lashes until it goes through the lashes with minimal resistance, then immediately reapply a new coat.”

Say Hello to Your New Secret Weapon
“Blotting papers help absorb excess oil, a great solution to the old blotting papers I found is blotterazzi by beautyblender,” shares Cruz.“This washable reusable sponge absorbs the excess oil that can build up on your face during the day without disturbing your makeup. Therefore, you can use mid-day when you feel your skin is looking or feeling greasy. This is best when you don’t want to pile on the powder too!”

And Say Goodbye to Raccoon Eyes
“If you smudged your mascara, let it dry before you try to remove it— it will come off much easier,” shares Posnick. “You can also put a little moisturizer under the eyes and then gently wipe it off with a tissue, leaving a clean surface on which to re-apply. From time to time I remember to use my makeup eraser pen, which makes removing the makeup smudges or mistakes quick and easy. I will say, however, that my COLORCOATED Mascara will never smudge or flake, so it’s not something I even think about.”

Powder Room
“I’m a big believer in translucent powder, like Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powderand I find the best way to apply it is with a brush to avoid that chalky and dry look,” DiCecca. “Shake a little of the powder into the cap or onto a tissue (about the size of a dime), dip a fluffy powder brush into the powder and work the powder into the brush not just on the outside of the brush.”

“If powder is truly not your thing, then for an oily combination skin I suggest that you use a mattifying under-makeup primer. And for a drier skin a basic under-makeup primer. This should keep you fresh and shine-free for hours.”