NARS-Guy-Bourdin-Collection-One-Night-StandThe new Nars collection that plays tribute to amazing dirrrrrty French photographer Guy Bourdin won’t be available in stores until October 15th, but those of you who follow their Snapchat account, Narsissist, are probably digging in your sofa cushions to gather up all of your money to buy all of it. The Narcissist account showed images from the upcoming collection a few days ago and I have been swooning ever since.

A protege of Man Ray, Bourdin’s first fashion spreads were published in Vogue Paris in 1955. His work was very sexy and sinister and he, along with Helmut Newton, sort of gave birth to the whole pornoriffic high fashion photography that David LaChapelle and Terry Richardson pay homage to. And this new Nars collection honors Bourdain by showcasing the same sorts of saturated, heavily made up looks that his models wore in the  1970’s.  The collection will feature five lipsticks, five eyeshadows, three blushes, and four new nail polishes. It’s all beyond sexy and dark and unapologetic, there are no pristine nudes or safe looks here.

You obviously need big hair, nude pantyhouse, red heels and wrap dresses to go with this collection. And possibly a cocaine habit. Just kidding, I would never suggest you wear pantyhose but for sure nude stockings. It’s all so unabashedly femme and over the top. And it’s all perfect for fall and winter because earth tones and sunkissed skin and all of that nonsense is so not my jam. I just hope I can get my hot little hands on it all before it sells out.

(Images: Nars via Fashionista, Tumblr)[ITPGallery]