As I’m single, I’ve spent a lot of time recently—more hours than I care to admit, really!—thinking about attraction and chemistry. Personality aside, what one person finds sexy as hell on a physical-level (say, beard scruff or tattoos) might be a huge turn-off for another (say, for me). But what’s more essential in terms of that mating-and-dating spark: a beautiful face, or a hot body? I decided to query people of both sexes to find out what turns their head first.

Surprise, surprise: guys like a thin girl with big boobs! (Yeah, never saw that one coming.) I was caught unawares by the responses from a couple girls, admitting that a hot body would curry more favor than a gorgeous face. However, it’s slightly heartwarming that several guys admitted they’d “relax” their hot body requirements for a girlfriend. Read on…

The girls on attractive face versus hot body:

Syd, 27, Los Angeles: A ridiculously attractive face and an average body because a gym membership only costs $20/month but to change a face is a fortune.

Jamie, 26, Westchester, NY: I definitely appreciate a more attractive face and an average body. Weight can fluctuate but a face is always going to pretty much look the same.

Bryce, 30, Brooklyn: Attractive face… I can always get him a trainer!

Robin, 32, Burbank: This one is SO easy. I pick the face first always, because you can fix a pudgy body. You can’t fix a botched face—well, unless you spend lots on plastic surgery. And who wants a dude with a plastic face?

Wendy, 36, Palm Beach: Hmmm, I think I need a hot face. That’s the part I see up close, talk to and kiss!

Deenie, 27, New York: That’s a tough question- most of the guys I know with hot bods also have hot faces…but if I had to choose…..I’d guess I’d go for a guy with a hot face and average bod. A body can improve with diet and exercise….but a face? I have to look at the face more often. So yeah…definitely the face.

Jessie, 28, New Jersey: Attractive face; everyone gets fat in the end—plus I’ll have to look at his eyes every day, not his belly.

Vee, 27, New York: Oh man, I bet you weren’t expecting an answer in essay form, but here it comes:
I want to say attractive face with average body, but I think I’d be turned off by what that says about the guy: that’s he’s lazy and thinks he can skate by on his good looks. Not like I need him to have a good body, but I also have a thing against ridiculously attractive guys: they generally suck.  An average face with an amazing body is fine, but I also don’t like people who are super vain and really an amazing body seems like kind of an obsession.  May I please have an average body with an average face? Thank you. (I’m clearly crazy. And none of this to say that my boyfriend is average! I actually think he’s quite handsome, with quite a nice body. Anyway, I’ll stop now.)

Nat, 28, San Francisco: Physical attraction is huge in relationships, but so is intellect. Seeing as that’s not part of the equation, I’m going to go with amazing body.

Jamie, 29, Las Vegas: Both? Seriously, both. Unless “average body” means still slim, but without crazy muscle definition. If pressed, attractive face and average body, and I would encourage him (in a non-pressure, non-judgmental way) to eat healthy and work out.

Lianne, 36, Philadelphia: How about an average guy with an average body? LOL

And for the men…

Bob, 29, San Francisco: Gimme the gorgeous face any day. You can work on your body, but you’re stuck with your face.

Christopher, 33, Arizona: Pretty face, average body…somehow I lucked out though, as my girlfriend has a beautiful face AND an awesome body!!

Patrick, 30, New York: Girlfriend would need the hot face/average body, but for banging: hot body/average face.

Brandon, 31, Los Angeles: I suppose more often I prefer the face over the body. But there are always exceptions and limits.

Eric, 32, New York: For the night, weekend, or month..awesome body, average face. For extended period (more than 4 months)…stunning face, average bod. You can’t change a face but you can always make a body better, with time and effort.

Chris, 29, Boston: Body > face. But in reality, I wouldn’t have to make this trade off so it’s a moot point. ;)

Aaron, 30, Los Angeles: Every single guy will have the same answer to picking face versus body: the second one.

Steve, 31, New York: I’d say stunning face with an average body. You can hide a body – or work on a body. Ugly stays with you forever.

True that, my friend.  True that.