makeup before and after

In a post titled, “THIS PHOTO OF A GIRL BEFORE AND AFTER MAKEUP WILL MAKE YOU QUESTION ALL WOMEN,” Guyism published the images from Reddit above showing a woman wearing no makeup and having straight hair, then wearing makeup with curled hair. He follows up the photo with this commentary:

Women are much more than objects, obviously. But this photo of a girl before and after makeup? Basically a cheat code for life.

So it’s cool if women fundamentally change their appearance like this but if I put a cucumber in my pants and have to remove it before sexy times, I’m the fraud? Classic female hypocrisy.

Curling irons and lipstick = fraudulent devil’s tools! To be fair, the dude may be joking. This could just be a tongue-in-cheek post. Unfortunately, it is indicative of the attitudes many, many men have regarding female beauty.

For the record, the woman’s makeup involves brow filling, contouring, blush, lip liner, gloss and eye makeup. And her hair’s parted to the side and curled. That may sound like a lot to somebody who never uses beauty products or has a minimalist routine, but just for the record, models and actors are just about always wearing that much makeup.

So, three things:

  1. You know how lots of women feel obligated to wear makeup? They — actually, sometimes I — don’t feel attractive or even worthy of being in public if no beauty products are being worn. This does not happen to dudes, generally speaking, but I have a feeling it would if men were put under the same uncomfortable microscope every time we looked different .
  2. Some women just like wearing makeup. That is something they — actually, I, once again — like to do. We do not necessarily wear makeup all the time or even some of the time because we give a shit about anyone’s opinion.
  3. If your idea of all women can be altered by one before and after set of photos, I have a feeling your mind wasn’t too strong to begin with, so I guess I give up. BRB, pouring liquid latex all over my face and body because there’s no point in even trying to look good anymore. :(

Also, a huge percentage of “natural beauty” looks (i.e. all those “no makeup” selfies celebrities take) involve makeup, particularly coverup and contouring. They’re presented as lacking makeup, but no — there’s typically plenty of cosmetics involved. Bitch as you may about women “fundamentally chang[ing]” our appearances, but considering we’re told since childhood to have an incredibly specific look in order to attract men, get ahead at work and have people like you, is it really all that surprising that women use makeup?

I do know a lot of guys who think makeup is “cheating,” unfortunately (including the since-apologetic one who used to call it “whoreup,” which apparently rang nicely in his head). On the bright side, at least this writer apparently knows women “are much more than objects, obviously,” right? Eh, sure.

Images: Reddit, GIFbase.