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Remember last month when we told you all to gird yourselves for the impending launch of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s new Goop skincare line? Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the Goop skincare line has officially launched, but the bad news (oh, the bad news) is that “goop” now feels like a more appropriate name than ever before. Buh dum tss.

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Goop by Juice Beauty, the same company that Gwyneth collaborated with on her beauty line, launched today with a simple announcement on Instagram:

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The shot features all six products in the skincare line, all of which is available for purchase now on the Goop website. As you can see, it’s all very minimalistic—each product has the same clean, simple packaging with a big “G” emblazoned on it, just in case you forgot GP’s initials in all of the excitement.

In true Goop fashion, everything promises to be organic, natural, and perfect for helping you “experience that Goop glow,” which sounds more like a threat than a promise. Gwyneth explained in a note accompanying the products,

“We have always been outspoken here at goop about concerns over the toxic ingredients used in personal care products—an industry that operates without regulation…We [worked with Juice Beauty, a company known for their non-toxic products] to create something that didn’t exist that I had always been looking for: A line of truly luxurious and effective skincare—products that take organic to the next level.”

I’ll admit that the language is all a bit fluffy for my taste, albeit very Gwyneth, who once referred to her ex-husband, Chris Martin, as “her brother.” She continued,

“Our line delivers clinically proven, age-defying results that mirror exactly what you would find from the big guys with huge R&D budgets and no ingredient restrictions—but instead of plastics, and toxins, which you would be surprised to know are found in so many expensive face creams, they are loaded with organic, naturally-occurring ingredients that are actually good for you…We literally did not rest until we had a set of six products that are, quite simply, perfect.”

Guys, Gwyneth LITERALLY HASN’T SLEPT FOR MONTHS in order to create this skincare line for all of you. The least you can do is check it out. It ranges in price from $90 for a cleanser or eye cream to $140 for a night cream, so I guess they never really covered the topic of budget-friendly pricing during all those hours they spent not sleeping.

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In all seriousness, though, clean beauty is definitely something that’s difficult to come by, and I really appreciate that Gwyneth has created something that’s not only good for us, but actually looks appealing, too. I’m not saying I’m chomping at the bit to spend more for a night cream than I do on groceries, but I certainly understand the appeal, and if you’ve got the extra cash, Goop Skincare doesn’t seem like a bad thing to spend it on.

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