gwyneth paltrow gym diva germaphobe

“I’m not touching someone else’s shower water, that’s gross!”

Gwyneth Paltrow does everything more beautifully than you, but nobody maintains Gwyneth levels of perfection without being at least a little bit nuts. In Gwyneth’s case, not only does the woman exercise for two hours every day, she’s such a germophobe gym diva that she even stands out among the clients at Tracy Anderson gyms, and Anderson’s clients are a pretty chi-chi lot.

According to Life & Style, Gwyneth won’t use a shower at the gym unless she’s had someone wash it and wipe it dry first. An “insider” told the tabloid:

“Before she showers, Gwyneth makes someone go into the stall and wipe the entire shower dry! She refuses to touch what she calls ‘somebody else’s shower water.’”

I’m far from a germaphobe — I wear sandals in New York and generally just assume that any germs I can’t see are just making me stronger — but I guess I can see where someone would not want to walk into a damp gym shower. But wouldn’t it be enough to just, you know, turn on the shower for a second before getting in there? Or maybe give it a quick wipe down oneself. I’m sure Gwynnie’s tony gym has a pretty high standard of cleanliness, and I’d be pretty embarrassed to ask a person to clean an already clean shower before I used it.

It also sounds like she threw a bit of a diva strop when she found out her gym didn’t carry Smart Water. They carried other fancy brands of bottled water, but she wanted her Smart Water and the gym had to send someone out to buy some for her.

Jeez, Gwyneth, bring your own water. Or drink tap water; it’s supposed to be better for you and the environment than bottled water anyway.

But by far the weirdest thing about Gwyneth’s gym behavior is that she won’t use the toilet paper. She demands a new, unopened roll be handed over just for her.

“She also refuses to use toilet paper that anyone has touched and demands an unopened package,” the source said. “It’s nuts.”

Yes, yes it is. No amount of pubic hair candidness or doing the Dougie at your fancy garden party can make a person seem down to Earth after she’s demanded a roll of virgin toilet paper. What do you think she does at restaurants? Or airports?

Via Life & Style/Photo: WENN