arrives at the Stella McCartney Autumn 2016 Presentation on January 12, 2016 in Hollywood, California.Gwyneth Paltrow must have had a New Year’s resolution to get more involved in the world of beauty, and so far she is really sticking with it. It was only a hot minute ago that Gwyneth announced that she was launching a natural makeup line with Juice Beauty, the brand she is Creative Director of. Now Gwyneth is giving skincare addicts something to smile about. She revealed that she is also working on a skincare range.

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Gwyneth’s Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments makeup line features a whopping 78 products that range in price from $20 to $48. The range is all about organic and vegan products made with plant-derived ingredients.

The skincare line will be similar. Gwyneth made the announcement of her eponymous organic luxe Goop skincare line in Vogue. According to the article, the Goop by Juice Beauty non-toxic skincare line will feature six products, formulated with 99 percent organic ingredients. Some ingredients include cocoa butter, aloe, lemon, and plant stem cells. The range will feature a good mix of skincare necessities including a Luminous Melting Cleanser, an Enriching Face Oil, and a Replenishing Night Cream.

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Gwyneth explained to Vogue the importance of being mindful about what ingredients we are putting on our skin:

“We absorb 60 to 80 percent of what we put on our skin so the idea that you’re exercising and trying to eat well and then slathering yourself with chemicals, parabens, and silicones—it’s not great.”

There is obviously an emphasis on natural beauty with the range, but Gwyneth states that it’s as much about anti-aging benefits too. Furthermore, they haven’t sacrificed on style. The products are in minimalist white jars with black writing.

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As for the prices, the Goop by Juice Beauty skincare line is more expensive than Gwyneth’s makeup line. Set to launch in March, the prices range from $80 for the cleanser to $140 for the night cream.

Out of all of the projects that Gwyneth has worked on, this is one that the most people will want to get behind. Forget about Mortdecai, forget about the vagina steamings, forget about the conscious uncoupling thing, and forget about the the free-from-everything-but-happy-water-and-greens recipes. Even if you’re not a Goop reader, you’ll still be interested. The line does have a higher price point, but it’s better to invest in good, clean skincare than those $300 Korean jeans made from paper from Goop. Plus, have you seen the photos of Gwyneth without a stitch of makeup. Who wouldn’t want skin like that?

The Goop by Juice Beauty range will launch in March 2016. Check out Vogue to find out more details on Gwyneth Paltrow’s skin care range!

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