Alaia BaldwinIt’s not uncommon for a celebrity to also have family members pursue a career in the entertainment or modeling business. In fact, it’s almost expected. However, it seems like there are even more models who are related that are making it big than normal. Of course we have Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, plus brother Anwar Hadid and big sister Alana Hadid; male model Lucky Blue has his model sisters-slash-band mates; and, Kate Moss‘s 18-year-old sister Lottie Moss is also making a name for herself in the fashion biz. Now there’s another pair you can add to the list: Hailey Baldwin‘s older sister Alaia Baldwin is also a model, and you need to be paying attention to her.

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Hailey and Alaia are obviously similar to Gigi and Bella in the sense that they are all genetically blessed. They’re also similar because where Hailey has the more blonde California girl look going on like Gigi, Alaia has the darker, more edgy look like Bella. If you take a look at Alaia’s Instagram or photo shoots, you may not initially realize that she is related to Hailey because they both have their own unique (and stunning) looks.

Alaia Baldwin 1

Alaia is currently rocking a dark piece-y shag that you will want to copy. She also has stunning hazel eyes that light up any photo. With the trendy haircut, Alaia looks a bit like a mini Irina Lazareanu. In a recent interview with Allure, Alaia stated that both she and Hailey were born blonde, but her hair went dark as she got older. She also previously had long hair but cut it shorter when she got into modeling.

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Alaia is not completely new to the modeling game, but she has managed to stay more out of the spotlight than Hailey. The 23-year-old is currently signed to State Management and D’Management in Milan. She has appeared in editorial for Harper’s Bazaar Japan and you might have spotted her on the red carpet before.

The Baldwins are clearly blessed with some great genes, considering cousin Ireland Baldwin who has also gotten into the modeling game. She has appeared in a campaign for Rampage and on the cover of Genlux magazine. Even uncle Billy Baldwin was a Calvin Klein model. The Hadids better watch out because the Baldwins could easily take over as the family with the most models. With four Baldwin brothers, the Baldwins could even outdo the Kardashians.

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We really shouldn’t be surprised that Alaia has gone into modeling. Even her name has a fashion theme (Azzedine Alaia, anyone?). It only makes sense. Keep your eyes open for Alaia at the next set of Fashion Month shows and on the pages of magazines.With a cool haircut and a gorgeous face like that, she will be easy to find.

(Photos: Instagram/AlaiaBBaldwin)