The world is full of styles for long, slightly wavy hair. Short haired girls and curly haired girls seem to have far fewer options, and girls whose hair is short and curly are often left bereft of cute things to do with their hair when they want to do things a little differently. But there are some really great styles out there, so we went looking for the cutest short curly hair updos we could find. Check out these 6, and if you have favorites of your own, let us know in the comments.


1. Cute Updo For Short, Curly Hair by Aleigha Williams

The little bouffant lift at the front of this hair style looks really cute with the chic bun in the back. With a bigger pompadour, this would go all the way to rockabilly, but as it is this would look adorable everywhere, whether you’re going to work, school, or just sipping pina coladas on a white-sand beach in the Bahamas. (You’re doing that one, right? We like to think you’re all just on vacation drinking fancy cocktails all the time.)

[youtube_iframe id=”84Q0d16qJYk”]


2. Let’s Do The Twist: A Hairstyle for Short, Curly Hair by TheCurlyStace

This short, twisty hair reminds me a lot of Gwen Stefani in the 90s, even though Gwen Stefani didn’t have short, curly hair in the 90s. With just a little time and a dumptruck full of bobby pins, this is actually a really easy look to accomplish.

[youtube_iframe id=”GJ4KSL6nOPE”]


3. How to: Hairstyles for Short, Curly Hair by MyCandyCurls

If your short hair is curly, you can get a topknot that is sleek and polished or poofy and adorable. We love the poofy one, but both are really good.

[youtube_iframe id=”ZnMLtLgFNUI”]


4. Date Night Hair Easy Updo by Mstoot7

This look is to the French Twist as a topknot is to the bun, with a bit of a Victory Roll thrown in. It looks fantastic and doesn’t take much time, and also seems like it would make you look taller. Be sure to check out her amazing blue nails and matching eye shadow.
[youtube_iframe id=”IahSVf2_zbc”]


5. How to Get a Big Top Bun with Short Hair by DuhFreshiestTM

My sister is always picking on my buns for being too small. “That bun is kinda shrimpy,” she says, throwing my hair some serious side-eye. This vlogger probably does not have that problem, because her bun is major, even though she has short hair. It’s a pretty good trick; luckily she’s willing to share.

[youtube_iframe id=”rhPQ2OuSHYo”]


6. Easy Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair by SignatureSeries

These are so easy they barely count as styles, but they’re a good way to dress up short hair for everyday, or even something more formal. Just pin the sides back behind your ears, tease the crown, and you’re ready to go. The model’s hair looks like it was pre-curled with an iron, but these seem like they’d work on naturally curly hair too.

[youtube_iframe id=”VOigKgeqEPE”]