Adam Levine flaunted his newly platinum hairdo on Twitter with a baffling photo caption this weekend, and it’s totally awful.

“Apocalypse prep course complete,” he said. We have no idea what that means, but he looks like a lizard with Miley Cyrus hair.

He’s pictured alongside fiancee Behati Prinsloo in the picture. Prinsloo looks gorgeous, of course. But Levine … Levine looks like Draco Malfoy about to get kicked out of a punk bar. He never did get over the way Dumbledore totally rigged the House Cup in book 1. That shit wasn’t fair.

This hair is the worst thing Adam Levine has done since he made a line of clothes for K-Mart.

Of course, Adam Levine is the sexiest man alive and does not care if we muggles hate his hair. In fact, freaking out the mundanes is like 90 percent of the reason he does anything.

Well, our compliments to Mr. Levine, then.

But if Adam Levine is bleaching his hair as a publicity stunt for The Voice, I have to say it is working. Last time Levine did something weird with his hair, fellow judge Blake Shelton just spent the whole day making fun of Levine’s weird hairdo in entertaining ways. This look is so weird and mockable, it will be worth it to turn into The Voice again just to see what Shelton has to say about it.

(Photos: Twitter/AdamLevine)