WTF, world? Someone has seriously started a petition over the state of Beyoncé’s daughter’s hair.

Blue Ivy is one of the sweetest celebrity babies. She is well dressed and hangs out with the Easter Bunny and is consistently adorable and snuggly. She is also undoubtedly a very well cared for child with loving, involved parents, and styling choices made on her behalf are their business alone. Blue Ivy is two years old. She’s fine. She probably doesn’t care how her hair is styled, and neither should anybody else except her parents.


But as The Cut points out, apparently the Internet is gravely concerned about the hair style choices Blue Ivy’s parents have made for her. According to the petition:

“The parents of Blue Ivy. Sean Carter A.K.A Jay-Z and Beyoncé has failed at numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy Hair. This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy hair.”

The “comb Blue Ivy’s hair” petition only has 11 signatures so far, and I daresay it could have well over a million before Jay Z and Beyoncé would deign to acknowledge it with a response, but it is just weird and inappropriate for strangers to be getting involved in the hair of someone else’s child like this.

It’s not new, though. According to The Root writer Yesha Callahan, people have been backseat parenting Blue Ivy since she first started growing hair.

“There were also comments about how Beyoncé and Jay Z always leave the house looking like a million bucks, but what about Blue Ivy? So would people be happy if Beyoncé threw a weave or flatiron through Blue Ivy’s hair? Or how about a million beads and braids? Then you’ll have the natural-hair commanders complaining about how much damage that can cause to her hairline.

Basically, if you’re Beyoncé and Jay Z, you’re damned if you do Blue Ivy’s hair, and you’re damned if you don’t.”

I normally roll my eyes whenever celebrities complain about the sort of attention they get for being celebrities, but having a bunch of strangers start an online petition to change the way you keep your 2-year-old’s hair would be infuriating for anybody.